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Miss United Nations World Ambassador

Horse drawn carriages are eye-catching photo ops in every city! Miss United Nations World Ambassador 2014, Sherrie Gearheart enjoys a photo shoot at the Chicago Water Tower!photo (4)

Check out Miss Gearheart’s charity, Live Out Loud Charity, which focuses on suicide prevention and awareness!



Go Pickle!

Check out this great new video made about one of our Chicago carriage horses!

We’ve watched Pickle since the beginning, as a newbie in town, to becoming one of the cutest greys to pull a carriage. How great is it to see him become a star?!

How Can You Help?


We get a lot of questions asking how someone can help keep horse drawn carriages in Chicago.

1.Contact your city alderman. Politely tell them you want carriages in Chicago. Not sure who your Alderman is? Check here.


2. Keep up to date with our Facebook page and Twitter account. Share our message with your friends to spread the word

3. If you speak with someone who’s uncertain about the conditions of the horses, be informative! Point them to the resources that can help them understand the love and care our horses are given every day!

4. If you are unduly harassed by protesters when taking a carriage ride, contact the police! You have rights!

5. Share the message! We are always willing to talk to people about their concerns–we love to talk about our horses!

Antique Coach and Carriage

Great Lakes Horse and Carriage

Chicago Horse & Carriage

Do you have a great carriage story to share? Please comment in the thread beneath this message and include any pictures of your ride!

Chicago Owner/Driver Jim Rogers Defends His Livelihood

 From WBBM: “The three companies that run two dozen horse carriages in the city are gearing up to fight what they see as a misguided attempt to put them out of business. Mike Krauser reports.”

More Support Arrives From Veterinarians!

Two more letters of support have arrived from vets familiar with the horses working in Chicago!

Jim Rogers

Professional Letter


Many thanks to Drs. Smith and Beatty for taking time out of their busy schedules to support working horses in Chicago!

Voices of Reason

Many thanks to Dr. John J. Hanover, DVM and Dr. Garry J. Fedore, DVM for these excellent letters they have written in support of our industry!

Inexperienced personal opinions may deem carriage horses working in urban environments to be unhealthy or cruel. But veterinarians spend many thousands of dollars, and countless hours of education to gain their experience. Aren’t they the only ones truly qualified to evaluate whether an individual horse is or is not healthy? Shouldn’t their professional observations mean more than the personal opinions of those without verifiable experience? And importantly, if the veterinarian has performed an actual in-person physical examination on the animals in question, don’t their observations mean more than ones made by those with no first-hand experience with the horses?


Microsoft Word - John J Hanover Edit.docMicrosoft Word - John J Hanover Edit.doc

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More to follow…

Interview With Jonathon Brandmeier on Radio!

Many thanks to Antique Coach spokesperson, Wendy Burtt for this great interview with DJ Jonathon Brandmeier this morning!

Enjoy, and make sure to get involved!


Veterinarian Supports Horse Drawn Carriages


Today an article was released by The Horse, a reputable equine health care magazine, which addresses the proposed bans on horse drawn carriages in three US cities.

From the article:

“The lack of work is just one reason why veterinarian Sarah Ralston, VMD, PhD, Dipl. ACVN, a professor in the Rutgers University Department of Animal Sciences, opposes legislation that would take these horses from their owners and force them into permanent retirement on yet unspecified farms. Ralston said regular work and a set routine helps to keeps horses healthy and enhances the animals’ quality of life.

“The carriage horses, on the whole, are showing no signs of distress or unwillingness to work when asked to do so,” asserted Ralston. “They are well adapted to their environment. If they weren’t, they would not last long on the streets.”

More importantly, Ralston said, such legislation sets a dangerous precedent for horses as well as for the humans who look after them.

“If a horse is in its stall without access to pasture, but is getting quality basic care and regular exercise, should we say that this horse is being abused, or is it cruel to ask a horse to do a job that it is well-trained for and capable of doing without distress?” Ralston said. “This is the norm for a majority of the horses kept in urban and suburban settings, and this (kind of legislation) sends a terrible precedent that should have the entire horse industry up in arms.””

It is notable that Dr. Ralston points out the danger these proposed bans pose to equestrianism as a whole.

Show your support of Chicago’s horse drawn carriages by signing this petition!

Write Alderman Burke a letter!