Celebrity Carriage Horses in Chicago!


Carriage horses come from a lot of different places. Many start in Amish country, bred to pull lightweight farm equipment or as a means of transportation in the non-mechanized society. Some are too-small members of the draft horse community, unable to fit in with the heavyweight hitches. Others might be oversized members of the harness world, lacking the grace and elegance to succeed in the show wor07rld.

But some are purpose-bred for the carriage industry. Antique Coach & Carriage in Chicago has specifically bred American Spotted Drafts for work.

And now, one special stallion is being immortalized by Breyer!


Meet Jake! He’s the father of three current carriage horses working for Antique in Chicago!



Forrest Gump, Ginny, and Stella all have their daddy’s flashy white markings and super outgoing disposition.

So Breyer fans, bring your BHR Bryants Jake model to visit one of his kiddos in Chicago, and perhaps they’ll give you an autograph!