How Can You Help?


We get a lot of questions asking how someone can help keep horse drawn carriages in Chicago.

1.Contact your city alderman. Politely tell them you want carriages in Chicago. Not sure who your Alderman is? Check here.


2. Keep up to date with our Facebook page and Twitter account. Share our message with your friends to spread the word

3. If you speak with someone who’s uncertain about the conditions of the horses, be informative! Point them to the resources that can help them understand the love and care our horses are given every day!

4. If you are unduly harassed by protesters when taking a carriage ride, contact the police! You have rights!

5. Share the message! We are always willing to talk to people about their concerns–we love to talk about our horses!

Antique Coach and Carriage

Great Lakes Horse and Carriage

Chicago Horse & Carriage

Do you have a great carriage story to share? Please comment in the thread beneath this message and include any pictures of your ride!

3 thoughts on “How Can You Help?”

  1. Where is the link to the petition?
    Horses were on Michigan last weekend with lines waiting for a carriage ride. No protestors? Crazy traffic but horses looked great!
    Provide links to petition or comment to aldermen!

    1. Denise,

      There is a link to the petition in the upper right hand corner of the page, titled “How to Help.” It’s small, and unfortunately easy to miss. Also, the image in this post is a link to take you to find your alderman.

      Hope this helps!

  2. You might also add. There are No wild n free draft horses in the US. Take away carriages and these Beautiful Animals have very few options they are Not cheap to care for they need us as much as we love working with them. Yes it is a partnership! If a horse doesn’t want to work in the city. They Are big enough to argue the point. I’ve argued with one or two myself. Most of them love being our coworkers as much as we love being their’s. We are in a partnership

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