Chicago Owner/Driver Jim Rogers Defends His Livelihood

 From WBBM: “The three companies that run two dozen horse carriages in the city are gearing up to fight what they see as a misguided attempt to put them out of business. Mike Krauser reports.”

3 thoughts on “Chicago Owner/Driver Jim Rogers Defends His Livelihood”

  1. As a life time horse owner this is my opinion. I’ve hear its cruel to how horrible. let take a different look at it. We all work to buy our food these horse are incredibly brave much like the Amish horses. Our country is changing and there are people who have no concern for animals. So drive fast and close to them some how gives them a thrill. In most of the accidents its a sudden unexpected more that shares the horse. In the busy streets most drive with out regard to horses. But horse are a huge expense The Hay can cost any where from 8.50 to 27.00 bale it takes at least 1 bale a day. Then the Blacksmith is around $125.00 every 6 weeks. Worm every 6 weeks that around 10.00 and then all the shots are about 500.00 a year. Then you have the grain and that’s about 25.00 a bag and working horses need about 50 pounds a week.
    So to support them someone needs to be willing to train them that’s about 10,000.00 to make them road ready. They you have the harnesses and barn that is the highest cost and there is no way to put that in here. So the idea that the horses can be turned out in grass and flowers just can’t happen. We work for our food and housing they also have to work for there’s. Its to me is a great trade off verses the fear a animal must go thru that has been loved brushed and petted everyday to be loaded on a truck loose with horse he does not know to be sent down a ramp stumbling and falling to the people screaming to move whipping and complete fear to what has happen to my world. to be KILLED are you kidding me. How is this better??????

  2. I agree with you 100% but could you tell me who is charging $125 to shoe horses–my farrier would love to get paid that–he gets $30 a head from me($120) I only have 4 and they’re all barefoot–they live in the country, not a lot of need for shoes out here in the swamp.

    1. Any where it’s that much I have 2 freisisns in Michigan City In in training an every 6 weeks 130.00 for new shoes.
      Pull in to any harness horse track and it’s over 160.00 for shoes and pads. Now just a trim is maybe. 30.00 put but shoes for work horses are very expensive.

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