Voices of Reason

Many thanks to Dr. John J. Hanover, DVM and Dr. Garry J. Fedore, DVM for these excellent letters they have written in support of our industry!

Inexperienced personal opinions may deem carriage horses working in urban environments to be unhealthy or cruel. But veterinarians spend many thousands of dollars, and countless hours of education to gain their experience. Aren’t they the only ones truly qualified to evaluate whether an individual horse is or is not healthy? Shouldn’t their professional observations mean more than the personal opinions of those without verifiable experience? And importantly, if the veterinarian has performed an actual in-person physical examination on the animals in question, don’t their observations mean more than ones made by those with no first-hand experience with the horses?


Microsoft Word - John J Hanover Edit.docMicrosoft Word - John J Hanover Edit.doc

doc01085120140212135128 (1)

More to follow…

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