Interview With Jonathon Brandmeier on Radio!

Many thanks to Antique Coach spokesperson, Wendy Burtt for this great interview with DJ Jonathon Brandmeier this morning!

Enjoy, and make sure to get involved!


2 thoughts on “Interview With Jonathon Brandmeier on Radio!”

  1. If Alderman Burke can be swayed to propose a ban on Chicago’s Horse Carriages by a phone call from PeTA, then he certainly is not a leader who investigates the sources of information. PeTA has killed almost 5 dogs and cats PER DAY in 2013 – that’s 82% of the ones taken into it’s Virginia shelter! It advocates for “total animal liberation” including the freeing of tame animals into the wild to fend for themselves and navigate the perils of a mechanized society which they have never been exposed.
    Alderman Burke is proposing a ban that will reduce income in the form of license fees, income taxes as well as increase unemployment and possibly add people to the welfare rolls. The horses are healthy, vet checked, and are a tourist attraction for the city. There is no issue with sanitation since the horses wear diapers. There is NO LOGICAL OR FINANCIAL REASON for banning the Chicago Horse Carriages.

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